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Who We Are, What We Do

EuroAfrica Media Network has been offering since 2004 unified culturally-adapted services for different client-groups worldwide. Cultural understanding is the key to cultural acceptance and social integration. The activities of the EuroAfrica Media Network (EAMN) revolves around the above-mentioned philosophy.  EuroAfrica Media Network  is a unique, media organization operating from Europe using bilingual portals (the international version - in English and the local version - in German) to serve a worldwide audience.

Our specialities are: Intercultural journalism, general intercultural training, intercultural medicine, intercultural care and global health. Today intercultural competence is the new key skill that is essential for all people especially skilled workers, hospital staff, doctors and nurses. Our cultural differences or similarities become clear when we consider the great effects of culture on diseases, care and death. Structured and professional Continuing education in or seminars on healthcare with a focus on "intercultural competence is thus inevitable in our global village.

Besides services on these keys areas mentioned above EAMN offers its international community interactive services such as news, networking services based on our large database, medical consulting, business advertising opportunities, online medical services, web design / computer training, intercultural consulting, intercultural competence trainings seminars. In collaboration with the University of Hamburg, we have at EAMN and in various African countries for several opportunities for volunteers and interested young Europeans.

EuroAfrica Media Network attaches great importance to sustainable education and media communication measures because we are aware that much communication and image-damage has been inflicted on Africa. For decades, many sad pictures were shown about Africa and blood cuddling tales of horror has been told about African Countries. Many Africans in the Diaspora know that these images often do not reflect the realities of many countries in Africa, from which they originally came from. Therefore, we focus on these neglected positive aspects that show the African reality with the aim of better informing the long misinformed and to promote intercultural understanding between all people worldwide.

Our online magazine offers its visitors a variety of services and functions with the sole aim to develop an interactive cyber magazine and maintain that Africa is not only media-positively defended. EAMN is ready to build information bridges between Africa and the western world. Part of this mission would involve uncover forgotten cultural / historical facts for future generations, to publish and document. We provide information and make room for the necessary reconciliation.

The daily and  rapidly increasing hatred and right wing tirades in Europe against minorities and people from other cultural backgrounds is another impetus that the mission of EuroAfrica Media Network is God-given and a necessity, but for us an obligation. The increasing number of EAMN online users and members in more than 35 countries worldwide is equally a living proof of the fact that we are not alone with this philosophy and mind-set. EAMN is dedicated to promoting independent media and obliged to extend citizen participation by adding new voices and expression channels for public judgment to individuals and groups who otherwise would never have been heard.

We believe that diversity is a strength, therefore EAMN efforts to present researched themes arousing creative criticism and opinions which normally will not be represented in the mainstream media. In this way, and thanks to our tactics EAMN is contributing immensely to the realization of a free, liberal, and multicultural and informed society.

For more information: Please visit our main portal at: http://www.euroafricamedia.eu